Villa Lumiere


Perched above the town of Chambesy, in the surroundings of the Château de Penthes, this villa awash in light blends perfectly into its verdant surroundings, not far from the centre of Geneva. The villa features a green roof and a 400 m² garden planted with fruit trees.


400 m²

138 m²

6 rooms

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Adopting the structure of a modular, 6 room flat, it can be internally reconfigured to create 2 separate housing units. As all rooms are on the same level and connect directly to the exterior, they offer excellent accessibility for individuals with limited mobility.

Light pours in through the 3 fully glazed facades that look out onto the terrace garden. In this building, glass is complemented by wood, which also features prominently in the design.

The villa is built around a primary structure of stained larch, an innovative O’portune slab, solid wood posts, and exposed beams with white finish.

The desire for an architecture that demands the best and offers superior energy efficiency motivated this project. Certified MINERGIE-P, the villa provides for its own energy needs through the production of solar electricity, and it is heated by heat pump.

It also boasts cutting-edge home automation functions for heating, ventilation, shutter and lighting control, and alarm management.

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Project code VHC
Project 2013-2015
Gross floor area 138 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Civil engineer Thomas Jundt
Certification Minergie-P (very hight energy performance)
A reverse-cycle heat pump system makes it possible to pipe cold water through the terrazzo floors to cool the interior when necessary.

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