The Dock – Villa


Standing a hundred metres from the banks of Lake Geneva and the port of Founex, this atypical villa has a history bathed in the waters of the lake. Its owners, who are boat maintenance professionals, chose to mix business with pleasure and convert this former hangar—located in a villa district—into an abode serving as work and living space.


732 m²

260 m²

1 villa 6.5 rooms

VVE ext 01


The architectural challenge was to squeeze a villa into the volume previously occupied by the hangar and create a warm and intimate space without losing any of the original industrial feel.

The Dock offers a magnificent sunny living area thanks to its 40 m² fully glazed outdoor patio. Anchored to the hangar’s original metallic framework, the villa has added a welcome touch of warmth. On the side facing the Jura range, a tree-planted lawn has been added to replace the original asphalt and lighten the industrial atmosphere.

The construction materials also allude to the industrial origins of the site: the villa has a primary metal framework around which a secondary wooden structure has been built. And brushed stainless steel, exposed concrete, and poured floors finished by sanding aesthetically round out the whole.

Covering 260 m², the villa preserves the original profile of the hangar but now has 7 rooms over 2 floors : the daytime areas are on the ground floor, and the bedrooms are on the second storey.

This configuration has made it possible to fuse the ground floor rooms into a single shared volume, from the den to the kitchen, the latter looking out onto the patio. The oversized exterior openings let light flow in from the patio, splendidly illuminating the interior and opening up bedrooms and other private areas.

Project code VFO
Project 2014-2018
Floor area 260 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Civil engineer Ou3 SA
Domoticien Holographe sàrl
Certification HPE
Special attention was given to the energy efficiency of the villa. The roof is decked with thermal and photovoltaic solar panels connected to a storage tank in the basement, while a wood-pellet stove in the main ground-floor living room provides central heating. Finally, inside temperatures are moderated by a hydronic floor.

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