Artificial Intelligence at the service of building thermal control


For Christophe Ricq and his team, the energy efficiency of buildings and the materials used is a major concern. Thus, in this period of energy shortage, our teams of architects and engineers are now recognized experts in heat pumps, insulation and solar panels.

Our approach

Notre démarche d’innovation continue nous a par ailleurs poussé à aller plus loin, en explorant les possibilités immenses qu’offre aujourd’hui la domotique. C’est de cette motivation qu’est né notre partenariat avec l’atelier R2D2 sur la solution connectée OBLO.

The starting point

OBLO, created by R2D2, is an anticipatory heating control system for living spaces, 100% Swiss. It is based on a relatively simple observation: temperature changes in a closed space are slower than outside. In other words, the calorific inertia inside a building is greater than that of the environment in which it is located. This latency time, until now little or badly exploited, offers an extraordinary possibility: that of anticipating the energy needs of a dwelling according to the variations of the external environmental factors.

The principle

Optimized thermal management with OBLO consists first of all in a fine measurement of the speed of temperature variations in a dwelling. To exploit these data in an optimal way, it is also necessary to consider other factors: building materials, geographical location, and in the context of a building, the floor of the house. OBLO can compile all these elements as well as environmental factors. The latter include the rate and duration of sunlight, seasonal solar power, temperature, humidity, wind characteristics and precipitation forecasts.


The OBLO algorithm is constantly enriched with the above-mentioned data, making it possible to anticipate thermal needs and to plan heat production. For example, this intelligent solution makes it possible to determine how long the indoor temperature is maintained after the heating is turned off, whether in the event of a strong winter breeze or during a period of spring sleet. Moreover, this highly innovative system allows for efficient and economical dynamic management of energy consumption, whether the indoor temperature is maintained or increased.

In brief

OBLO is a self-learning tool, which thanks to its multifactorial and dynamic approach, is constantly enriched by the data collected. It is undoubtedly the most successful solution on the market in this sector. Simple, in the form of a box, OBLO allows equipped apartments or individual houses to reduce their energy bill by 15 to 20%. It is therefore an ideal complement to the innovative solutions offered by Ricq Architects. As a reminder, a reasoned and innovative thermal insulation reduces energy consumption by 30%. In addition, the use of a heat pump allows a saving of 70% compared to electric convectors. Combining OBLO with these different solutions means making huge savings while protecting the environment.

The OBLO system works for both individual homes and public buildings.

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