The Chantemerle


In a mixed zone of housing and industrial buildings near Nyon, Le Chantemerle meets a major societal demand by putting home ownership within the reach of single-parent households.


2134 m²

889 m²

16 housing

ICN ext 01

ICN ext 02


To house these families, the building includes 16 small units for purchase : 8 studios and 8 3 room apartments.
Its architecture aims to minimize wasted space. Thus the building footprint maximizes the volume of each unit by expanding the gross floor area.
The interior also prioritizes space-saving solutions. Each perspective was planned with this in mind, using diagonal axes and transparent planes for an impression of greater spaciousness.
The reinforced concrete bearing structure of the building is balanced by the peripheral wood-framed walls, clad in a very contemporary charcoal grey roughcast.
The facade establishes a welcome, aesthetically rhythmic dialogue between the grey of the roughcast and the wood and bronze tones of the balconies, eaves, window frames, and slab capping panels, which add warmth to the structure as a whole.
Greenery and collective areas have pride of place at Le Chantemerle. The land surrounding the building is home to venerable old cedars, private gardens, a playground, and vegetable gardens for the residents.
Gentle mobility also receives the consideration it deserves: there are dedicated routes of access for pedestrians and cyclists.
Le Chantemerle is designed to comply with the highest energy standards. The photovoltaic solar panels covering the roof fully meet residents’ energy needs, while surplus energy is transferred to the town grid.

Project code ICN
Projet duration 2018-2020
Gross floor area 889 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Civil engineering Ott & Uldry
Certification Minergie-P
The building also boasts a water source heat pump powered by output from the rooftop solar panels. The housing units are aerated through a heat recovery ventilation system based on countercurrent exchange.

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