The Samaras – Villa


This future 2 unit villa is to be erected on a long lot in the town of Genolier, on the footprint of an earlier single-unit villa.


1430 m²

304 m²

2 Villas 6 rooms

VVE ext 01


Thus the challenge is to optimise the use of space in order to split the lot. Adding a second storey will give residents a stunning panoramic view of Mont Blanc and expand the floor area to 304 m², yielding 2 units with 5 rooms each.

The double-unit villa shall adopt an architecture based on a wooden frame and facade with stone foundations, in accordance with regulations for the chalet zone.

Both homes are to share a ground-level entrance and common areas. Inside, there will be a laundry room, garage, and a bike storage area. On the outside, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and recreation room will mark the northern limit of the lot.

Project code VGE
Project 2016-2020
Floor area 304 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Designed to achieve very high energy performance (THPE rating), the duplex will rely on thermal and photovoltaic solar panels, a water-to-water heat pump, and solar water heating system storage tank for much of its needs. MINERGIE P, MINERGIE ECO, and MINERGIE A certifications are all targeted.

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