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En Marens rose to an architectural challenge: to construct an apartment building on one of the last remaining plots in downtown Nyon without spoiling the natural setting of the location.
En Marens is a condominium building consisting of 26 apartments in the centre of Nyon. The apartments range from 2 rooms to 5, and all are equipped with smart home automated systems.


3000 m²

2336 m²

26 apartments

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Originally a majestic garden stretching over nearly 3000 m² on one of the last remaining building plots in downtown Nyon, just a few steps from the train station and the hospital. The challenge of En Marens was to build a living space for a large number of people without spoiling the natural spirit of the location. That challenge was met by preserving the mature trees, the fruit orchard, and a large area of open ground. To go even further with the “garden city” concept, the facades of the building have been planted and climbing plants have been installed on each terrace, trained on metal rods.
Gone are the days of monolithic concrete boxes, the spaces in En Marens have been carefully designed to blend into the surrounding environment. The rhombus was the obvious choice for the shape of the structure, echoing the contours of the plot. To add rhythm and lightness to the primary reinforced concrete structure, the floor-to-ceiling facades are triple-glazed and curtained with climbing plants and canvas blinds. The vehicle access ramp is integrated into the structure of the building, while the outdoor facilities include paved terraces and a playground.
The 26 types of home in this condominium building are available on 4 levels, from 2 room to 5 room apartments, all equipped with smart home automated systems to control the blinds, lights, room temperature, sound, as well as an Oblo barometer for optimised energy consumption.
This Minergie-A certified building has 198 solar panels on the roof and is energy self-sufficient. Heat is produced by the Icesol system, which is efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical thanks to its heat pump and innovative use of ice storage.

Nouvelle diapo

Nouvelle diapo

Project code IMN
Construction 2020-2023
Overall floor space 2,336 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Civil engineer OU3 SA
Domotician Atelier R2D2
Certification Minergie-A
The spaces of the En Marens building blend into the surrounding wooded environment. The glazed walls, canvas blinds, and planted curtains add elegance to the primary structure of reinforced concrete. En Marens has the Minergie-A label for energy-efficiency. It is equipped with 198 solar panels and an innovative Icesol system that uses a heat pump and ice storage to produce heat efficiently, ecologically, and economically.

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