The 4 As villas


The 4 As: in Chene-Bourg, amid a lush fruit orchard, 4 contiguous villas stand in rows that are staggered to maintain privacy and bring in sunlight. The lines are fluid, and the space is put to good use. The large picture windows, the winter garden, and a patio skylight give the 4 As villas brightness and elegance.


1500 m²

476 m²

4 villas of 5 rooms

VCC ext 01

VCC ext 02

VCC ext 03

VCC ext 04

VCC int 01

VCC int 02


In a residential area of the Trois-Chêne neighbourhood, 4 minimalist villas are nestled together amid a garden stretching over nearly 1,500 m², where pride of place is given to the open ground and plentiful fruit trees. These contiguous villas are built in staggered rows with a staircase effect to maintain privacy and let in sunlight from the west.
The building materials are reinforced concrete for the basement and ground floor, while the wall framework and roof slab are crafted from wood. The fluid lines and large picture windows enhance the villas’ brightness and elegance. Space is put to good use. Each house has an overall floorspace of 120 m², with 5 rooms distributed over 3 levels. The ground floor consists of a kitchen opening onto a fully glazed living room; this leads to a 14 m² winter garden with retractable glass walls, as well as an office and an adjoining shower room. The large picture windows also provide access to the outside from every room. The first floor has 2 bedrooms, including a large master bedroom, with access to a shower room and the balcony. Fully excavated and illuminated by a patio skylight, the basement has a workshop and a large open space that would be perfect for a games room. The options available include a car lift in which eight vehicles can be stacked on top of each other. To keep the interior cool during the summer heat, the roofs are planted. Each villa has triple glazing and the external joinery frames are made of wood and metal. Equipped with individual heat pumps connected to geothermal probes and photovoltaic production on the roof, the villas meet the Minergie-A standard and are energy self-sufficient. They are also equipped with smart home automated systems: the blinds, lights, and temperature can all be controlled from an iPad, while an optional Oblo barometer enables optimised energy consumption, even remotely.
Project code VCC
Construction 2021-2023
Overall floor space 476 m²
Client Private
Architect Christophe Ricq
Civil engineer Jundt SA
Domotician Atelier R2D2
Certification Minergie-A
Each 4-As villa consists of 5 rooms on 3 levels. The basement is fully excavated. The living spaces on the ground floor are large and bright. On the first floor, the 2 bedrooms have access to a shower room and the balcony. The 4 As villas are Minergie-A certified. Their smart home automated systems enable remote control of the blinds, lights, and room temperatures, while their energy consumption can be optimised with an Oblo barometer.

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